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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its establishment, Oman Refreshment Company’s business activities are well entrenched with the social communities and various geographical locations of the Sultanate of Oman in which it operates. Even before the word “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) is being coined in the business circles of Oman, ORC has been actively supporting the small and medium businesses across the nook and corner of the Sultanate of Oman. Many small entrepreneurs have benefitted & flourished from the business support activities of the Company in establishing kiosks, foodstuff shops and small cafeterias and finding sustainable livelihood for these marginal income households.

The Company actively participates in the two official tourism festivals of the country, namely Muscat Festival and Khareef Festival in Salalah. Besides, the company is a regularly sponsor of the various community events and “International Water Day” event celebrated in the Sultanate of Oman.

During 2013, the Company has organized its CSR efforts by providing the smart projectors to the selected “Ministry of Education” (MOE) schools across the country. Thereafter in 2014 & 2015, the Company has sponsored setting up of green sports ground facilities to the selected MOE schools.

The Company believes in sharing its knowledge in management of the manufacturing business with its communities and invites students of higher learning institutions & schools on a plant tour to visit its world class manufacturing facilities.

Aquafina comes to the relief of hurricane Mkono victims in Salalah